5 October, 2016

TOOTHPASTES: the credibility of the message

The Toothpastes category has, by default, high standards when it comes to efficacy. This is a characteristic that can be found in most products of oral […]
5 October, 2016

Juices and its nature like qualities

The JUICES and SMOOTHIES category, does not go unnoticed among French people, as France occupies the second place of fruit juice consumption in the world. Evidently, […]
5 October, 2016

Distributor Brands: Is price the only factor that motivates purchase?

Usually, during moments of economic crisis, distributor brands tend to be more popular, the price factor being an important incentive. However, we wanted to find out […]
16 June, 2016

Harness the advantages of posting publications on MALRG wall

The MALRG community is constantly growing and progressing, having surpassed already the amount of 600,000 consumers. Having participated in a TrialPanel study, you have the opportunity […]
16 June, 2016

Give dynamism to your insights by using the 360° Shopper

TrialPanel and emnos allows you to comprehend in a unique way your shoppers, by crossing product usage information and consumers’ perception. Give your projects and marketing […]
23 March, 2016
sopa-560x190 copia

Feeling of admiration and entertainment: is this the emotional connection with the Soup category?

We continue with the “Lovemark” method, that identifies and measures the existing emotional interaction between the brands and the consumers. Now, our attention is focused on […]
23 March, 2016

Household Cleaning in the era of technology and immediacy

Technology progresses very quickly, and the habits and shopping patterns of household cleaning are being modified. So which are the factors that have become relevant now? […]
23 March, 2016

Multi-purpose Cleaning products : can efficiency and emotional links connect well ?

As we described in the article ” House-cleaning in a technological era” of the present newsletter, the category naturally has high standards regarding its performance. The […]
23 March, 2016

Butter & Margarine. An emotionally static category?

Now we will approach the butters and margarines, a product which is used in great amounts in the bread making and pastry industry, and at home. […]
15 December, 2015

Consumers Behaviours in the world of technology

As the world of technology keeps on evolving at a very fast pace, posing on users its own rhythms and demands, at TrialPanel we decided to […]
3 December, 2015

Elsève, Le Petit Marseillais and Dove, the brands of shampoo that have the best emotional connection with consumers

We continue to use the “Lovemark” methodology, which identifies and measures the existing emotional interaction between the brands and the consumers, in order to better understand […]
9 November, 2015

Desperados and Leffe the beer brands that have the strongest emotional connection with the consumer

In one of our previous newsletters, we presented the “Lovemark” method, which identifies and measures the emotional interaction between the brands and the consumers, in order […]
9 November, 2015

Beers in France: Consumer Profiles and Moments of Consumption

Beyond doubt, beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks, and is part of the famous French “bon vivant”. There are many varieties of beer, […]
9 October, 2015

Security and Reliability, the qualities that Internet provides that most drive final purchase decision

When we inquired about the latest behaviors of Internet consumers, we also asked them about their use of Internet when they were shopping. (1) Internet provides […]
9 September, 2015

Multi-surface Cleaners and its consumers

At Mon Avis Le Rend Gratuit, we test thousands of market products every year. Our consumer community is very engaged and they love giving their opinion […]
9 September, 2015

Milka and Lindt, the leading brands in the dimensions that drive more preference towards chocolate tablets: “Novelty” and “Attraction/Design”

In order to explain the preferences that we can find in the category of Chocolate tablets, and to find out the positioning of each of the […]