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By participating and becoming members of the program, brands can obtain the following benefits for free:


Sales Promotion:

Shortly after launch the sales of the new product are boosted thanks to in-store stop signs and free sampling.


Only 1 week after launch, brands can gain customer information about their product launch and it’s performance. This information enables them to respond fast in case changes are required to achieve a successful product launch. Furthermore, brands gain access to low cost online market research.

Consumer Choice Award – Préféré par les consommateurs:

All the products that have participated of the program automatically have the chance to win our PPLC Award. This award is given by our consumers to those products that have achieved the best scores in terms of satisfaction, preference vs. usual brand and purchase intent. When receiving this award, brands can purchase licenses and benefit of multiple media and in-store promotional activities.

Social Content:

Almost half a million dedicated consumers generate fresh content about your product building awareness and buzz, allowing consumers to be informed when making purchase decisions and developing a valuable social relationship.

Brand Page:

Extend your brand reach and manage your brand image by actively generating content in your brand page. This keeps consumers engaged with your brand and up to date with the latest product news, promoting loyalty and advocacy.